Transitioning to a Senior Living Community

Making the decision to transition someone who is in your care to a senior living community can be a difficult and emotional quest, but making sure that the facility does its best to effectively help new residents settle in and get involved in the community can make this transition much easier. Quality of life should never be sacrificed simply because someone may need a bit of assistance.

There are several things to look for that will ensure that the person in your care will have a smooth transition and be offered the ability to form new and positive relationships in their new home.

Perhaps one of the more important characteristics to look for is a warm and cheerful atmosphere. The residence should feel and operate much like a private home. This will help each new resident feel more at ease when they move in. It is also essential to look for a floor plan that allows for easy navigation for resident safety.

Security is also key. Depending on the level of care required, such as care for someone living with dementia, it may be a good idea to consider a specialized facility that keeps the exterior doors secure at all times. A nice touch in this circumstance may be an enclosed outdoor area, which allows the residents to spend time outside, while still remaining safe and secure.

A facility that provides regularly-scheduled activities for residents is also an important consideration. This can provide the residents with a feeling of purpose. An added bonus is that these activities can offer an opportunity to make new friends. Looking for a facility that prioritizes residents’ social lives can be a great way to ensure that the new resident will be comfortable in their new home.

Finally, the staff and the services they offer are of great significance in your search for the ideal care facility. Is training kept up-to-date? How is laundry handled? What level of care and support is given throughout the day regarding aspects of daily living, such as meals and medications? These are just a few of the questions that need to be considered when looking for a facility.

All in all, while the decision to place a loved one into a care facility can be difficult, making sure to find the right facility for the required level of care doesn’t have to feel impossible. Asking the right questions and finding the right information will go a long way towards having peace with the decision and its process.

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