Top 5 Technology Tools and Devices for Seniors

Our world is becoming interconnected, where family and friends across a continent can interact with and see each other at a moment’s notice. But how do we make sure some of our most vulnerable friends and family don’t miss out on these wonderful advances in technology?

Here are the top 5 devices and tools that are perfect for curious seniors.

#1: grandCARE

Keeping socially active is important for supporting our loved ones’ mental health, but current social media platforms may be confusing for many seniors and require expensive smartphones or laptops.

For seniors who are looking to stay connected to family and friends and up-to-date on the latest news, grandCARE may be the right option. It includes communication tools for family and friends, news updates and streams, fun games, and medication reminders to make sure your day is as fun and informative as possible.

#2: Fitbits

Staying physically active is crucial for a senior’s wellbeing, but between different chores, errands, and family visits, it can be hard to track your activity and see how it’s impacting your health.

Fitbits are an easy-to-use device that wraps around your wrist just like a watch. The device tracks all of your important vitals like heart rate, calories burned, and total active minutes. It’s a great conversation starter and accessory that works with any outfit.

#3: iPads

iPhones and smartphones are the most popular devices for app interaction and social networking, but they can be a hassle for seniors who are dealing with vision problems or hand-eye coordination.

iPads are the perfect product for seniors who want to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and tools by presenting everything in a large and legible format. iPads are also a great way for the book lover to read as much as they want without having to store a mountain of books in their home.

#4: Wireless Headphones

There’s no better feeling than sinking into a couch or recliner and watching your favorite show, but this can be a challenge for the 1 in 3 seniors who suffer from hearing loss.

Buying your loved one a pair of wireless headphones can help them listen in to whatever tv show or movie they love as loud as they need without disturbing their neighbors. Plus, the wireless feature means your loved one can perform their regular chores in different rooms while still being hooked into their programs.

#5: CareZone

Many of us take medications to get through our days, but when you’re a senior, especially someone who is struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can be difficult to manage your extensive medicine cabinet.

Fortunately for seniors, plenty of automated devices and apps now exist for medication reminders, with one of the best being CareZone. CareZone is a great app that causes the phone to vibrate when medications need to be taken. Seniors can also add medications to their prescription list simply by taking a photo of the label, saving everyone time, hassle, and stress.

Technology is always evolving and it can be a challenge for many of us to keep up, but these advances provide plenty of new opportunities for seniors to enjoy their golden years as comfortably as possible. Contact our team today and speak to our staff about what emerging technologies we are using in our spacious communities.