How Interacting with Technology Can Benefit Seniors

For the elderly, the use of technology can make daily tasks easier and enhance their quality of life. Here are 4 ways that interacting with technology can benefit seniors.

Increase Social Interactions

Technology like video chatting and social media is a user-friendly way for seniors to easily remain in contact with their loved ones and communicate with them wherever they like. Continued social interaction with family and friends can help maintain or improve seniors’ cognitive and mental health. These real-time feeds can also keep family members updated on their loved ones.

Ensure Physical Safety

Family caregivers and medical staff do everything they can to make sure a senior is well and healthy, but they can only be there for so many hours in a day. If a senior were to slip and fall in their home, as more than a third of American seniors do once a year, they may be injured and without help for hours before help arrives.

Having seniors engage with technology, like the Life Alert system, provides another safety net for them and their caregivers, as it will give the senior a way to communicate any emergencies with the people who can help them. It can also provide seniors with more confidence whenever they journey outside the home, and lead them to do more physical activity.

Help Combat Memory Disorders

Memory disorders, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, affect more than 16 million Americans and are a serious hurdle for the caregivers who provide the proper support a senior needs. These diseases can be treated, however, studies show that video games and brain training activities can strengthen memory and improve overall brain function.

Proper Medication Management

Gone are the days where seniors have to rely on colored pill boxes to remember to take medication. Apps, smart devices, or even a wearable device can be used to get reminders about medications. Certain devices can even alert family members if a dose was missed.

Technology can provide plenty of new opportunities for seniors to enjoy their golden years as comfortably as possible. Contact our team today and speak to our staff about what emerging technologies we are using in our spacious communities.