Senior Living Community Checklist: Questions To Ask Before Moving In

Every senior living community is different, and it can feel overwhelming trying to choose the right one.  Each person looking at a senior living community will have different needs, desires, and expectations.  Use this checklist of questions to ask before moving in to ensure you pick the perfect community for you.


  • Is it located in a desirable neighborhood?
  • Is there an outdoor space you can enjoy?
  • Do you enjoy the landscaping, gardens and sitting locations outdoors?
  • Is it near to family and friends?>
  • Are there any disruptive noises (e.g. located next to a railway, fire station, or busy street)?
  • Is parking convenient and accessible?


  • Do the other residents seem happy?
  • Would you be happy if they were your neighbors?
  • Do other residents interact with one another or participate in activities?

Food and Beverage

  • Is the food high quality?
  • How often is the menu changed?
  • When and how is the food served (e.g. buffet or restaurant style)?
  • Can you have meals in your room/apartment?
  • Are their snack options?
  • What beverages are included?
  • Does it have a bistro, café or bar on the premise?


  • Are there common areas for entertaining visitors?
  • Do they have all the amenities you want (e.g. pool, gym, lounge, etc.)?
  • Are other residents using the amenities?
  • What are the operating hours of the amenities?

Care Team

  • How do staff treat the residents?
  • Does the team seem educated and knowledgeable?
  • What supports will be provided?
  • Do residents appear to be well-cared-for?


  • Is this a rent or ownership arrangement?
  • If renting, how much and what is included?
  • When and how do you pay?
  • Are utilities included?
  • Are Internet and cable included?

Remember, this will be your home, so add anything of importance to this checklist before you tour the community. Keep the checklist close to be sure the community meets your needs and has at least a few of your desires.

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