June Is Men’s Health Month

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Month? We’re celebrating by giving you some facts to raise awareness for men’s health and do our part to improve it!

Studies have shown that women are often the health decision makers in the family and are more likely to go to the doctor. This could also be why women have a longer life expectancy than men.

This month is all about raising awareness for health issues that affect men, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and heart disease.

How Can You Help?

It starts with you! If you’re a man, schedule an annual physical with your doctor. Review your medical history and current health concerns.

Wear blue. Wear BLUE Day is held the Friday before Father’s Day. This year, Wear BLUE Day will take place on June 15. Participants are encouraged to raise awareness for men’s health by wearing an outfit that prominently features the color blue. Whether it’s a suit, shirt, dress, tie, or hat, showing support helps make a positive impact.

Be proactive. Men should learn their family medical history and be smart about seeking preventive treatment. If you have something in your family history, talk to your doctor about ways you can prevent the disease from affecting you.

Women are also encouraged to get involved by talking with their male loved ones about setting up an appointment with their doctor and taking preventive measures now.

Men Over 65

If you are a man over 65, it is even more imperative that you be proactive. There are several things you can do to help prevent many diseases and conditions as you age. Here are some great tips from the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Association:

  • Have a physical examination every year.
  • Get your blood pressure checked annually.
  • Have your cholesterol checked every 5 years.
  • If you were or are a smoker you should have an ultrasound to screen for abdominal aortic aneurysms.
  • Get a diabetes test done every 3 years.
  • Get screened for colorectal cancer beginning at age 50.
  • Have an eye exam done yearly.
  • Have a dental checkup at least annually, but twice yearly is optimal.
  • Discuss a prostate cancer screening with your doctor.
  • A hearing test can be schedule if you have hearing loss.

Things you can do right now to improve your health immediately include quitting smoking, getting regular exercise, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and having regular health screenings done at the recommendation of your healthcare provider.

No matter how you feel now, it’s important to remember to schedule regular checkups, assessments, and preventive screenings to catch potential problems early.