8 Ways Reading Keeps Your Brain in Shape

There’s nothing quite like the smell of the pages of a brand new book, or the sound of its spine cracking for the first time. The anticipation of watching a story unfold in front of you is exciting, but that’s not the only reason to read!

We put a lot of time into exercising our bodies, but we often forget about exercising our brains. Here are 8 ways that reading can keep your brain in great shape!

  1. Increased attention span. When you’re reading, you have to process the story in sequence and determine how cause and effect are connected. This helps you to pay more attention!
  2. Slower mental decline. Research has shown that elderly participants who exercised their minds regularly had a 32% lower rate of mental decline than their peers who had average mental activity.
  3. It maintains your most important brain functions. Memory is extremely important to our brains, and reading regularly helps preserve your memory. This is especially important for seniors suffering from memory loss.
  4. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is a significant factor for seniors because most people diagnosed with the disease are 65 or older. Keeping your brain stimulated through exercises like reading lowers the brain proteins involved in Alzheimer’s.
  5. It helps you relax. Taking time to be still and focus your mind on something entertaining is a great way to unwind. While watching TV seems like it would accomplish the same thing, too much screen time is actually bad for you.
  6. Reduces stress. When life gets overwhelming, sometimes all you need is to escape for a few hours. Reading provides the chance to enter a different world from the comfort of your home!
  7. It helps engage your imagination. When reading fiction especially, your imagination is activated while your brain pictures everything you’re seeing on the page. This also improves your ability to empathize with others, which can make you happier.
  8. It helps you live longer. When your brain is unhealthy, it can result in many other side effects that can affect your mind, body, and soul. When we are unwell in any way, our life span is affected. A healthy brain helps with a healthy body, and that can lead to a longer life!

Science has shown through research that reading regularly is a great way to improve your brain’s health. We love to support our residents’ pursuit of this healthy activity. Give our team a call today to speak with our staff about what emerging technologies were using in our spacious community.